Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scene of Destruction

During a trip to the West Virginia University Downtown library I ran across this picture. It graphically demonstrates the effects the building of the dam had on this portion of the Tygart River Valley. It appears that this photograph was taken shortly after the gates of the dam where closed for the first time. As you can clearly see, peoples homes are floating in the rising waters. Looking out at the still waters of the lake, it is easy to forget what was lost when the lake was born. This picture remines us of what once was.


Tipper said...

An amazing photo. I live in western NC and have thought much about what the waters of the TVA cover in my area. My husband's Grandmother's family were forced to move from their home in Judson-a small town now covered by Fontanna Lake.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing picture that not only gives testament to the destruction of the dam, but scale to its impressive size. I had not seen this photo before. Thanks for sharing it!